Samstag, 8. Mai 2010

Windows Phone 7 Gestures

Single Touch

Tap (like a Click)
  • Actions on an item in a two step process. Stop a list from scrolling. Single touch on the screen.
Double Tap (like a Doubleclick) 
  • Toggle between "in" and "out" zoom states of a control or application.
Touch and hold (like right Click)
  • Shows options (context menu) for an item
Pan (like Drag, Hold and Move)
  • Moves content via direct manipulation (content sticks to finger and follows). A pan can reorder or move a specific item.
Flick (like Drag, Hold and Move fast and Release)
  • Moves content

Pinch and Stretch
  • Continous Zoom. Center of the content is in the middle of the two fingers.

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